Friday, February 29, 2008

Singled out at work

I used to work for a law firm. I was the only female employee, and I was forced to work off the books even though I didn't want to. This gave them far too much power over me, including the ability to hire or fire me on a whim.

My boss was hardly ever in the office when I was, but he forced me to work long hours without a lunch break. The head of the firm frequently dropped pencils and files so that I would have to bend over to pick them up. He talked about how he liked much younger women and how he and his wife had an open relationship frequently when we were at the firm alone together late at night. Even though I made it clear to him that I was not interested, he would frequently talk to clients about my physical appearance or what I was wearing. I started wearing pants and high necked shirts only, but he continued to talk about me in a sexual way.

I later quit because I could not put up with the harassment and the unethical things that they did to their clients.

--Submitted by: Lauren